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Past Life Regression

What do you mean by Past Life? Many religions and many people individually believe in recurring lives where your spirit or soul travels from one lifetime to another. It is believed that the spirit develops in these travels as different life challenges and lessons occur. The goal is to become an “old spirit" that has come close to God in pureness and returns to the eternal light. This supports the theory of Karma, reincarnation, multiple lives: hence past lives.

Why explore this? Well some find comfort in reinforcing their belief by actually recalling the previous lives, seeing others they know in this life, or by "bringing back ornaments" from previous lives. These ornaments could be skills or knowledge not experienced or learned in this life. I have had clients sign during sessions because they were deaf-mutes in a previous life. Others have spoken foreign languages while regressed in a trance. There are also people with fears or physical ailments which are found to have their origins or cause in previous lives.

Others find relief from unknown maladies or pains that there is no reason or root cause in this life's experiences. Others have irrational fears that may be carried from a previous life trauma.

Relationship problems or attractions may be a result of relationships in previous lives.

Whatever the motivation or benefit to you, it is always interesting.

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Corporate |  Memory Recall    Past Life   Smoking Cessation  |  Weight Loss    
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