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Anxiety, Sleep Issues, Stress, and Nervousness can all be issues with letting go and relaxing. Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation and by learning Self-Hypnosis and entering a relaxed state a person can ease or even eliminate some of the issues listed.

Self Hypnosis can be utilized to aid in insomnia. Through a typical relaxation process as used in entering a trance state, one can relax enough to fall asleep. Using techniques or “scripts” developed by the CH you can put to side or make dormant those issues that are keeping your mind racing and preventing you from sleeping.

In a similar way, stress from work or relationship issues can be left for the next day to allow you to get the night’s sleep your body requires without drugs or the drudgery of a long night.

Many nervousness issues are the result of interrupted sleep patterns brought on by worry and unnecessary short sleep periods through the night. By resolving the sleep issues the nervousness can be controlled or moderated.

Stress is being found to be a major cause of illnesses and even cancer. The body immune system is overburdened with stress issues and looses awareness of other minor issues in the body that then turn major. Even warts are a result of the immune system ignoring a virus that does not appear to be a threat and left unchecked. By utilizing hypnosis to maintain awareness of the warts, which does not hurt or cause other disturbances, the body’s natural healers will eliminate the wart in a matter of weeks.

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Corporate |  Memory Recall    Past Life   Smoking Cessation  |  Weight Loss    
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