Lost time- memory recall

Occasionally people become aware of lost time or have amnesia for short periods of time. This can be bothersome simply due to the feeling of vulnerability of not knowing what occurred or it can have a serious effect on a person’s mental and /or physical well being.

Hypnosis is an effective tool for recovering the lost time or amnesia. This is done by several methods, the most obvious being simply regressing in time to the mental void and getting into the details directly or by association with other events or others that may have been present. This can be a tedious task and may require several sessions. When the memories flood in, there can be strong emotions attached or intense reactions to the memories.

There can be simply a desire to recall a pleasurable childhood event or the name of a long lost friend that cannot be determined through references. An object may be lost and through reliving the events around the time of the loss, one may remember where it was last known to be, aiding in it’s recovery.

There is also the phenomena of alien abductions that fall into this affliction. There are those who may not be aware due to the amnesia and are subconsciously suffering through mental anguish or anxiety. There are many issues that need to be discussed prior to exploring these issues, as once aware, a person may enter lifelong turmoil and anxiety. It is important to not make hasty decisions and consult with someone who understands the phenomena. I have worked with abduction experiencers for 10 years and am also a MUFON Investigator familiar with the phenomena. I would be interested in your case and discussing how it is affecting you. I can help with referrals and resources if needed and discussed during a consultation.

Many issues as a result of the initial event may immediately be resolved through hypnosis if identified properly.  A referral to a therapist may be necessary or determined to be the best course of action if dealing with memories become an issue.