Hypnosis for Smoking


Do you smoke and are fed up with the health issues, society outcast treatment and cost? If you are reading this, I am sure one of those issues is motivating you to make a change. The question is it enough? Do you really like smoking or is it a habit you need to satisfy, not to mention the nicotine hook that your body can not get away from and demands. 

Whatever the method, it has to be strong enough to give you the willpower to change or stop your addiction. 

What hypnosis does is provide a subconscious trigger to prompt a conscious decision and offer a substitute, other than smoking, response to the desire for a smoke. It can do that by associating negative smells or tastes to the smoking experience or other reaction and it also makes sure you do not automatically light up, but have to justify your action each time. 

You have to want to stop smoking and you have to have a reward that you expect to achieve when you quit. This could be feeling healthier, relieved worry of health issues, less cost for the habit and rewarding you with the extra cash.