Hypnosis for Weight Loss


Weight loss means you have to get rid of excess weight, too much weight, sometimes life threatening weight due to the complications such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.  Unfortunately, we that desire weight loss know the reason we are overweight and probably are well aware of the steps needed to drop some weight. The problem is we are not consciously willing to make the choices or provide the discipline that will result in a favorable outcome. How many times have we got to the point of being fed up with our condition and found the motivation, lost 20 pounds, then only to then give up and return to our original weight or even higher?

I am one of those deniers who feel my weight is my burden in life, it is genetic. Bad news, it is science that calories consumed and not burned are stored as excess weight. Like it or not, we need to understand that. While we all have legitimate  and not so legitimate reasons for the amount and choices of food we consume, it is ultimately our choice what goes in our mouth.  Some of us eat due to boredom, some due to loneliness, some to avoid stress, and the list goes on.  Through a hypnosis session, we discuss, identify and then direct the subconscious to aid us in developing healthy choice habits and replace the unhealthy habits. We also provide rewards and goals that we do not forget about next week so that we stay motivated to shed the weight.

I am now certified in providing the Sheila Granger Virtual Gastric Band for those clients who are obese or on the verge. It is a non-surgical form of the traditional bariatric process which gives almost the same results. There is no recovery time, just instant results. The concept is simple, you are told under hypnosis that your stomach volume is reduced to the size of a golf ball and as a result you will only eat what fits, therefore reducing calories consumed. It is not a diet as you can eat anything you choose. You will find however your choices will be well thought out as you know you only have so much room per meal.

The program is 4 session, but it is customized on the fly based upon each clients weight loss needs, emotional issues tied to food, success, and time required. Additional sessions as needed are offered at current session rates. Sheila claims an 80% success rate.

Medical Doctor referral may be requested.