Occasionally people become aware of lost time or have amnesia for short periods of time. This can be bothersome simply due to the feeling of vulnerability of not knowing what occurred or it can have a serious effect on a person’s mental and /or physical well being.

Hypnosis is an effective tool for recovering the lost time or amnesia. This is done by several methods, the most obvious being simply regressing in time to the mental void and getting into the details directly or by association with other events or others that may have been present. This can be a tedious task and may require several sessions. When the memories flood in, there can be strong emotions attached or intense reactions to the memories.

There can be simply a desire to recall a pleasurable childhood event or the name of a long lost friend that cannot be determined through references. An object may be lost and through reliving the events around the time of the loss, one may remember where it was last known to be, aiding in it’s recovery.

There is also the phenomena of alien abductions that fall into this affliction. There are those who may not be aware due to the amnesia and are subconsciously suffering through mental anguish or anxiety. There are many issues that need to be discussed prior to exploring these issues, as once aware, a person may enter lifelong turmoil and anxiety. It is important to not make hasty decisions and consult with someone who understands the phenomena. I have worked with abduction experiencers for 10 years and am also a MUFON Investigator familiar with the phenomena. I would be interested in your case and discussing how it is affecting you. I can help with referrals and resources if needed and discussed during a consultation.

Many issues as a result of the initial event may immediately be resolved through hypnosis if identified properly.  A referral to a therapist may be necessary or determined to be the best course of action if dealing with memories become an issue.

Comments on “Lost time- memory recall

  • I had an odd experience when I was hunting. I apparently fell asleep and when I awoke a saw a B-52 bomber flying so low over a ridge behind me I thought I could see its pilots. This occurred in Wyoming, and while such aircraft did ply the skies out there from the various SAC bases, I don’t feel in my gut that this was really what I truly saw!
    As a retired police official, I find this episode in my life one that I might explore just to see if it was all a dream that Fall day.
    Yes, I do read a great deal about alleged UFO’s, and the abduction experience, finding some modicum of belief in well documented cases; and I did witness something as a 12 year old that I cannot explain to this day. Yet I have no dreams and/or memories of any other odd thing other then my youthful experience at 12, and the bizarre experience while hunting.
    Maybe it’s all an active imagination, nonetheless, I am wondering if a hypnotic session might sort it out and give me closure?

  • Regression can not hurt. If you have a nagging memory it will allow you to get peace of mind as to what it really was, at least the best you will get. It may resolve it or expand awareness of something else. In my experience with the Experiencers of abductions, if it was an alien interaction there will be others that come out. In regards to the B-52, it was that or it was your mind deciding that of all your life experiences and what you are willing to accept, decided that is what it had to be. The mind will fill in what it does not understand with the most likely answer. If you saw a massive triangular craft floating in the sky and moving slower than logic known science would allow, your mind decided it had to be the biggest aircraft you have knowledge of and filed the memory.

  • I got off work at 6:a.m on Dec.28th 1997 ,I had a second job for all day sunday. I was going to mom to shower and change and go to other job, her house is only about three blocks from first first job.I parked and started to walk into parents house ,there was a brilliant light right behind this enormous tree . I could not understand what it was, so I walk back out of my parents gate and walk into the street. There in the sky I saw a large space ship coming down, I remember thinking I wished there was some one there with me that could see this too. I glanced up and there were two more ships sitting in the sky one a little higher than the other. I heard no noise I stood ,watching it come down , I WAS SO EXCITED I could see in the inside of the ship,it looked like I could only see one shadow in this enormous windshield , then I blacked out, when I woke up it was 7 :15am and I WAS STILL STANDING IN THE OF THE STREET. it was day light and it was really cold and I did not have my coat , but I was warm standing there . I went in and told my mom what had happened , she came in a and checked tosee if there were any injuries. none were found ,but from 6:10 to 7:15 is a total blank I do not know what they did to me. It does bother me very badly that I do not know what happened when I was out. I did not go public because no one would believe me. So I have told my two kids and my mom which is 86 years old now ,I thought that was it and in the spring of 2014 I was a sleep and I heard my little dog laying on my bed growling and really upset and I WOKE UP TO FIND TWO WIDE GLOWING LIGHTS ONE ON ME AND ONE ON DOG, the crazy thing it did not scare ME ,this was about 4:am in the morning and then it was over . I really think they did more to my little yorkie than me at least I do not know what they did then either. I got up and at that point my husband and I were living with mom taking care of her. I slept alone and my little dog . It was really freaky because I again was not afraid. But I have no idea what they did to me are my dog. On the first time it was dark Sunday morning in a little town in Texas they had pulled in the side walks and every one was a sleep ,but me.I went on to the elderly mans house to take of him care l I was hour and a half late , he was really mad ,but I could not tell him the truth … I will never forget this event and will always wonder what they did to me .

  • I would need to discuss with you as to what “closure” would be. I get many inquiries from people who suspect they may have had an experience and consider hypnosis for curiosity sake. I always advise them that if they have a dream or vague memory but otherwise there are no current emotional or stressful issues related to that, then they may consider leaving it in that state. The problem with hypnosis regression is that whatever comes out of it, you retain that and it can not be put back. Some memories cause more emotional harm that if they were left alone. Many experiencers find that what went on in their childhood up to 35 tends to cease at midlife. Harsh as it is, they are done with you. If you wish to discuss more or follow up, contact me.

  • Hi , My name is Rick
    Back in the late 70’s , I believe it was 1978 or 1979 I lived in a small community called Hidden Valley in Arizona, its about 25 miles west of Casa Grande Arizona.
    I was working nights at my mothers store in a little town called Stanfield Arizona , I had got off work around 6 am and drove home to hidden valley which was about 12 miles to my house, When I got home I wasn’t tired so I thought I would take a walk in the desert with my 22 rifle and kill some time, it was about 7:00 am when I left the house and I walk south across the desert, I had been walking about a hour and all of a sudden everything lit up and got blinding bright, it was day time but it got a so much brighter than normal, I remember getting light headed and a little dizzy and when I was looking at the ground it seamed like the ground was moving , like it was wavy and I remember a swishing sound like wind blowing but I didnt feel anywind just the swishing sound, I tried to look up but it was to bright and I felt like I was froze in place and think I passed out about the time because when I tried to look up that is the last thing I remember until I awoke on my couch in my living room and it scared me and when I looked at the clock it was about 5:30 pm that afternoon, I had absolutly no memory of how I got back to my house, almost 10 hours had passed and I felt pretty good like I was well rested but I have no idea where the time went and my rifle was no where to be found, I tried to follow my foot steps but I lost them about a mile into the desert, I looked everywhere for my rifle but never found it.
    That loss of time and my rifle disappearing has bothered me for years and I never told anyone about it until about 30 years later.
    I would like to be hypnotized to maybe remember where the lost time went and where my rifle.
    This is all I can remember about it and I’ll go to my grave saying the same thing

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