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  • I had tried quiting smoking for several years. I tried the patch and the gum but nothing worked. I spent several sessions with Mr. Upson and have been free from smoking for over three years now. It’s great to be free from the powerful addiction of smoking and free from the alienation from those that don’t smoke. Thanks Bob.

  • I had two hypotherapy sessions with Bob Upson regarding healthy eating habits. The last one I had was 5 years ago when he was living in NY.

    The 1st session focused on not eating so many sweets. The 2nd session focused on drinking more water. To this day – I do not have the urge to eat sweets (even chewing gum, the urge simply isn’t there!). And when I drink a cold glass of water, I can’t help but feel as refreshed as standing under a gentle waterfall.

    Bob is a trusting and professional individual. Bob is extremely experienced in all areas of hypotherapy. You will not be disappointed! All you have to do is make an appointment and he will change your life.

    Thanks again Bob! Chantel

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